Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed 3b1fd9a

Add LICENSE => 'perl' to the EU::MM.

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     - Add 'make runtest' and 'make distruntest' targets to run the tests using 
     Test::Run ( ).
         - Adds colours and stuff like that.
+    - Add << LICENSE => 'perl' >> to the Makefile.PL for a license
+    meta-data in the META.YML.
 1.74            Thu Jun 23 16:20:42 IDT 2011
     - More work on the t/*.t test scripts.
     'VERSION_FROM' => '', # finds $VERSION
     'AUTHOR'    => 'Petr Pajas',
     'ABSTRACT'  => 'Interface to Gnome libxml2 xml parsing and DOM library',
+    'LICENSE' => 'perl',
     'PREREQ_PM' => {
         'ExtUtils::MakeMaker' => '6.56',
         'strict' => 0,
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