Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed 3c0e29f

whoohoo :-D all tests pass for libxml2 2.5.4 again

Modified Files:
+ fixed xinclude bug for libxml2 versions later than 2.4.26

+ version notes

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Files changed (2)

    - fixed segfault while appending entity ref nodes to documents
    - fixed some backward compatibility issues
    - fixed cloning with namespaces misbehaviour
+   - fixed parser problems with libxml2 2.5.3+
    - moved iterator classes into a separate package
      (after realizing some CPAN testers refuse to read their warnings
      from Makefile.PL)
-        if ( RETVAL > 0 ){
+        if ( RETVAL < 0 ){
             croak( "unknown error due XInclude" );
-        else {
+        else if ( RETVAL == 0 ) {
             RETVAL = 1;
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