Shlomi Fish  committed 5d9a94d

Got rid of a deep recursion warning.

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     - Add scripts/ to remove the explicit objects dependency on 
     the "Makefile" file so after running scripts/ one won't have to
     rebuild the C-files.
+    - Add no warnings 'recursion' to lib/XML/LibXML/ to get rid of
+    a "Deep recursion" warning.
 1.80            Tue Jul 12 23:35:03 IDT 2011
     - Fix :

File lib/XML/LibXML/

 package XML::LibXML::Error;
+use strict;
+use warnings;
+# To avoid a "Deep recursion on subroutine as_string" warning
+no warnings 'recursion';
 use Encode ();
-use strict;
 use vars qw(@error_domains $VERSION $WARNINGS);
 use Carp;
 use overload