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2.6.16 compatibility

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 #define xs_warn(string)
-#if LIBXML_VERSION >= 20621
 domClearPSVIInList(xmlNodePtr list);
         cur = cur->next;
  * Name: domReconcileNs
 #define PmmInvalidatePSVI(doc) if (doc && doc->_private) ((DocProxyNodePtr)(doc->_private))->psvi_status = Pmm_PSVI_TAINTED;
 #define PmmIsPSVITainted(doc) (doc && doc->_private && (((DocProxyNodePtr)(doc->_private))->psvi_status == Pmm_PSVI_TAINTED))
-#if LIBXML_VERSION >= 20621
 #define PmmClearPSVI(node) if (node && node->doc && node->doc->_private && \
                                ((DocProxyNodePtr)(node->doc->_private))->psvi_status == Pmm_PSVI_TAINTED) \
    domClearPSVI((xmlNodePtr) node)
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