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Correct the README.

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     - Add libxml2 2.7.8 as tested and working fine for the Makefile.PL.
     (Thanks to H. Merijn Brand.).
-    - Apply a patch to perl-libxml-sax.c to use xmlChat * instead of char *.
+    - Apply a patch to perl-libxml-sax.c to use xmlChar * instead of char *.
     (Thanks to H. Merijn Brand.).
+    - Correct the README so it won't read XML-LibXML-Common.
+        - see
 1.87            Sat Aug 27 14:05:37 IDT 2011
     - Fix t/49callbacks_returning_undef.t to not read /etc/passed which may
 Get the latest version of XML-LibXML from CPAN. Extract them.
-Issue these commands in the XML-LibXML-Common-VERSION directory:
+Issue these commands in the XML-LibXML-${VERSION} directory:
 >   perl Makefile.PL INC=-Ic:\Prog\LibXML\include LIBS=-Lc:\Prog\LibXML\lib
 >   nmake