Shlomi Fish committed a070466

Change to SvPV_nolen instead of SvPVx_nolen.

Seems like SvPVx_nolen is undocumented API.

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 Revision history for Perl extension XML::LibXML
+    - Changed SvPVx_nolen() to SvPV_nolen() in LibXML.xs for better compatibility.
+        - SvPVx_nolen() appears to be undocumented API.
+        - Resolves
+        - Thanks to Paul for the report.
 1.85            Wed Aug 24 17:05:19 IDT 2011
     - Gracefully handle returned undef()s in the read callback under -w ($^W):
         - t/49callbacks_returning_undef.t
          * */
         output_sv = POPs;
-        output = SvOK(output_sv) ? SvPVx_nolen(output_sv) : NULL;    
+        output = SvOK(output_sv) ? SvPV_nolen(output_sv) : NULL;    
         if (output != NULL) {
             res_len = strlen(output);
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