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Updated the Namespace docs with attribute compatibility methods

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 The namespace node API is not part of any current DOM API, and so it is quite
 minimal. It should be noted that namespace nodes are <b>not</b> a sub
-class of XML::LibXML::Node.
+class of XML::LibXML::Node, however Namespace nodes act a lot like
+attribute nodes, and similarly named methods will return what you would
+expect if you treated the namespace node as an attribute.
 <method name="getName" synopsis="print $ns->getName()">
   Returns "xmlns:prefix", where prefix is the prefix for this namespace.
   Returns the prefix bound to this namespace declaration.
+<method name="getLocalName" synopsis="$localname = $ns->getLocalName()">
+  Alias for prefix()
 <method name="getData" synopsis="print $ns->getData()">
   Returns the URI of the namespace.
   Alias for getData()
+<method name="getNamespaceURI" 
+    synopsis="$known_uri = $ns->getNamespaceURI()">
+  Returns the string ""
+<method name="getPrefix"
+    synopsis="$known_prefix = $ns->getPredix()">
+  Returns the string "xmlns"