Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed b032b5d

Get rid of a broken test (at least with recent libxml2s).

- Got rid of a broken test (at least with recent libxml2s) in
t/03doc.t :
- The problem was that the test tested for an undefined XML
namespace, a behaviour which was changed in a recent libxml2
- Thanks to vcizek for the report.

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 use warnings;
 # Should be 168.
-use Test::More tests => 168;
+use Test::More tests => 167;
 use XML::LibXML;
 use XML::LibXML::Common qw(:libxml);
             # TEST
             _count_local_name($doc2, 'A', 3, q{3 As});
+=begin taken_out
+        # This was taken out because the XML uses an undefined namespace.
+        # I don't know why this test was introduced in the first place,
+        # but it fails now 
+        #
+        # This test fails in this bug report - 
+        #
+        # -- Shlomi Fish
             local $SIG{'__WARN__'} = sub { 
                   print "warning caught: @_\n";
-            my $doc2 = $parser2->parse_string($string4);
-            # TEST
-            _count_local_name( $doc2, 'A', 3, q{3 As});
+            # my $doc2 = $parser2->parse_string($string4);
+            #-TEST
+            # _count_local_name( $doc2, 'A', 3, q{3 As});
+=end taken_out
             my $doc2 = $parser2->parse_string($string5);
             # TEST
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