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support libxml 2.7.6

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 Revision history for Perl extension XML::LibXML
-1.70 pre
    - various fixes and improvements in the documentation
    - added (convenient yet non-standard) methods nonBlankChildNodes,
      firstNonBlankChild, nextNonBlankSibling, prevNonBlankSibling
                      [2,6,25,0], # broken XPath
                      [2,6,32,1], # tested, works ok
                      [2,7,1,0], # broken release, broken utf-16
-                     [2,7,5,1], # tested, ok
+                     [2,7,6,1], # tested, ok
     my $xml2cfg = "xml2-config";
     my $libprefix = $ENV{XMLPREFIX} || $config{XMLPREFIX};
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