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               <para>substitute entities; possible values are 0 and 1</para>
 	      <para>Note that although this flag disables entity substitution, it
 	      does not prevent the parser from loading external entities;
-	      if entity substitution disabled, the
-	      document tree will contain an XML_ENTITY_REF_NODE node
+	      when substitution of an external entity is disabled, the
+	      entity will be represented in the document tree by a XML_ENTITY_REF_NODE node
 	      whose subtree will be the content obtained by parsing the external resource;
 	      Although this is level 
 	      of nesting is visible from the DOM
-	      <para>provide a custom external entity handler. Possible value is a subroutine reference.</para>
+	      <para>Provide a custom external entity handler
+	      to be used when expand_entities is set to 1.
+	      Possible value is a subroutine reference.</para>
 	      <para>The subroutine provided is called whenever
 	      the parser needs to retrieve the content of an external entity.
 	      It is called with two arguments: the system ID (URI) and the public ID.