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File LibXML.pm

-Currently this module doesn't actually do much but parse files and give
-you back a document (DOM) handle. You can't actually call DOM methods on
-that document though (because I haven't written the code to do it yet!).
+This module is an interface to the gnome libxml2 DOM parser (no SAX
+parser support yet), and the DOM tree. It also provides an
+XML::XPath-like findnodes() interface, providing access to the XPath
+API in libxml2.
 =head1 OPTIONS
 =head1 SEE ALSO
+L<XML::LibXSLT>, L<XML::LibXML::Document>,
+L<XML::LibXML::Element>, L<XML::LibXML::Node>,
+L<XML::LibXML::Text>, L<XML::LibXML::Comment>,