1. Shlomi Fish
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 the current version includes some securety fixes in dom.c and LibXML.xs
 also a better testsuite
+-- LibXML.xs_1.22
+completed function setAttributeNode
+added function getAttributes 
+added function getAttributesNS
+more node security fixes 
+these functions will return an array of attribute nodes.
+both will probably renamed before i make them public
+idea: global encoding constant, so all user input will be encoded from
+that encoding to utf8 INTERNALLY
+todo: add xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant for all text content
+introduced domSetAttributeNode
+cleaned the test suite
+    + getOwner returns the Owner Node (root of the subtree)
+      of the current element 
+    + getOwnerDocument returns the Owner document of the node if any 
+    + proxy fixes
+    + introduced documentfragment
+      i will allways create a document fragment for EACH unbound node.
+      made the documentFragment a node 
+    + more securety checks and less memory leaks...
+    + better array handling
+    + DOM L2 conform naming (optional)
+    + entity encoding fixed
+   + domsetnodevalue is aware of attributes as well
+   + domreplacenode introduced
+   + added internal function insert_node_to_nodelist
+   + document_fragment tests 
+    make shure appendChild or similar functions do not allow
+    wrong node type to be appended
+    make the node iterator function XS to avoid GC overhead 
+    for temporary iterator nodes.