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 $ XMLPREFIX=/usr/brand-new perl Makefile.PL
-will ask '/usr/brand-new/bin/xml2-config' about your real libxml2 configuration.
+will ask '/usr/brand-new/bin/xml2-config' about your real 
+libxml2 configuration.
+For suggestions, bugreports etc. you may contact the maintainer directly 
+Also XML::LibXML issues are discussed among other things on the
+perl XML mailing list (
+Package History
+Version < 0.98 were implemented by Matt Sergeant 
+0.98 > Version > 1.49 were maintained by Matt Sergeant and Christian Glahn
+Version >= 1.49 are maintained by Christian Glahn
 This is free software, you may use it and distribute it under the same
 terms as Perl itself.