perl-XML-LibXML / typemap

Diff from to
 xmlParserCtxtPtr            O_PARSER_OBJECT
 xmlRelaxNGPtr               O_OBJECT
 xmlPatternPtr               O_PATTERN_OBJECT
+xmlRegexpPtr                O_REGEXP_OBJECT
 xmlSchemaPtr                O_OBJECT
 xmlNodeSetPtr               O_OBJECT
 perlxmlParserObjectPtr      O_OBJECT
+    if( sv_isobject($arg) && (SvTYPE(SvRV($arg)) == SVt_PVMG) && sv_isa($arg,\"XML::LibXML::RegExp\"))
+            $var = INT2PTR($type,SvIV((SV*)SvRV( $arg )));
+    else{
+            warn( \"${Package}::$func_name() -- $var is not a XML::LibXML::RegExp\" );
+            XSRETURN_UNDEF;
+    }
 # The Perl object is blessed into 'CLASS', which should be a
         sv_setref_pv( $arg, (char *)\"XML::LibXML::Pattern\", (void*)$var );
+        sv_setref_pv( $arg, (char *)\"XML::LibXML::RegExp\", (void*)$var );
         sv_setref_pv( $arg, (char *)\"XML::LibXML::XPathExpression\", (void*)$var );
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