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Modified Files: Tag: mm_fix branch with the fixed memory management This is an almost complete reimplementation of the module. the current implementation is closer to libxml2 than before. only the parts, where libxml2 may cause memory problems, the package uses a special implementation. LibXML.xs LibXML.pm - follows the new memory layer the interface is basicly restructured towards DOM Level3 conformity - implements namespaces correctly. - node import is fixed. - most memory problems are removed. - node destruction is simplified - ownerDocument works now correctly perl-libxml-mm.h perl-libxml-mm.c cleaned interface all proxy …
next step towards a better version of XML::LibXML :) this version is still leaking - but it seems to be less, than the last commit. i think this version could be released, just to show there is activity in XML::LibXML :b Modified Files: LibXML.xs - _fix_extra() (not required any more) - more redundand code (replaced it with function calls from perl-libxml-mm) LibXML.pm - _fix_extra() code from the parse functions perl-libxml-mm.…
ok, this is a mid release commit. i cleaned the code a lot. as a result the entire module should be more stable now and more easy to maintain. this version does not implement the memory management code, i still have in my mind. because everytime a node is retured a new scalar is created, this version leaks as hell (probably all earlier versions did as well). this will change with one of the next commits. one other thing left to do, is to make a switch for toString available, so a user may decide wether to recieve the string as UTF8 or as the DOM encoding. Modified Files: LibXML.xs + over all cleanup + recognize s…