perl-XML-LibXML / TODO

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Log: Modified Files: Changes o information updates Makefile.PL + updated blacklist LibXML.xs + code cleanups + nodeName for CDATA sections. t/05text.t + tests for nodeName() on text nodes. TODO o TODO notes.
- include Schema/RelaxNG code only with libxml2 >= 2.6.0 (to support old libxml2) - applied patch to example/ (bug 4262) - fixed insertBefore/insertAfter on empty elements (bug 3691) - more DOM conformant XML::LibXML->createDocument API (by Robin Berjon) - fixed encoding problems with API calls in document encoding - improved support for importing DTD subsets - fixed DTD validation error reporting problems with libxml2-2.6.x - fixed compilation problems with libxml…
Added Files: TODO This file contains a (very brief) outline of what i plan to do in the near future.