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This is an incomplete checkin. The whole system compiles and runs, but a longtime runing is not guaranteed. This is because libxml2 does not (yet) implement reinitialization of callback, therefore the current this will fill the cb-stack with each parse. As well the interface changed slightly: Now the interface allows (currently more theoreticly) multiple parserinstances in a single process. Each parser may has its own set of callbacks. the multiple parser implementation has a perl and a c layer. the c-layer is implemented in parser.c. The libxml2 parser is now initialized each time, a file, string or handle is parsed. Therefor the parse_* functi…
LibXML.pm + XML::LibXML::DocumentFragment isa Node + improved iterator function + changed version number to 0.95 LibXML.xs + fixed some more memory leaks + introduced XML::LibXML::DocumentFragment Class + new Node::getOwner function + better array handling + DOM L2 conform naming aliases + fixed some entity encoding + make unbound nodes to be part of Document fragments, so they can get destroyed + more proxy fixes and securety checks + setAttributeNode works now PHI…
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