1. Shlomi Fish
  2. perl-XML-LibXML


perl-XML-LibXML / perl-libxml-sax.h

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Shlomi Fish
Got rid of a lot of trailing space. With a test. TODO: test for trailing space in more files.
- documented new parser option API - compilation fixes/cleanup
- capture sax parse errors to saved_error - work around for ctxt->fatalError callback never being called by libxml2 - added simple test cases for SAX parse errors (Grant McLean) and fatal_error callback
Modified Files: LibXML.xs perl-libxml-sax.c perl-libxml-sax.h [fix] to make XML::LibXML play with perl 5.8.1 MANIFEST + c14n test file Changes o stepped back to 1.56 for this release
Modified Files: LibXML.xs LibXML.pm perl-libxml-sax.c perl-libxml-sax.h + made XML::LibXML work with XML::SAX. Changes MANIFEST + version updates
Modified Files: Changes MANIFEST + version notes LibXML.pm LibXML.xs + rudimentary native SAX interface + push parser perl-libxml-mm.c perl-libxml-mm.h + new functions: parser context helper Added Files: perl-libxml-sax.c perl-libxml-sax.h these files contain the sax caller interface, so the XS file will not get too polluted.