perl-XML-LibXML / dom.h

/* dom.h
 * Author: Christian Glahn (2001)
 * This header file provides some definitions for wrapper functions.
 * These functions hide most of libxml2 code, and should make the
 * code in the XS file more readable . 
 * The Functions are sorted in four parts:
 * part 0 ..... general wrapper functions which do not belong 
 *              to any of the other parts and not specified in DOM. 
 * part A ..... wrapper functions for general nodeaccess
 * part B ..... document wrapper 
 * part C ..... element wrapper
 * I did not implement any Text, CDATASection or comment wrapper functions,
 * since it is pretty straightforeward to access these nodes. 

#ifndef __LIBXML_DOM_H__
#define __LIBXML_DOM_H__

#include <libxml/tree.h>
#include <libxml/xpath.h>

 * part 0:
 * unsortet. 

domCreateDocument( xmlChar* version, 
                   xmlChar *encoding );

domReadWellBalancedString( xmlDocPtr doc, xmlChar* string );

 * part A:
 * class Node

/* A.1 DOM specified section */

domAppendChild( xmlNodePtr self,
                xmlNodePtr newChild );
domReplaceChild( xmlNodePtr self,
                 xmlNodePtr oldChlid,
                 xmlNodePtr newChild );
/* xmlNodePtr */
/* domInsertBefore( xmlNodePtr self,  */
/* 		 xmlNodePtr newChild, */
/* 		 xmlNodePtr refChild ); */
domRemoveNode( xmlNodePtr self,
               xmlNodePtr Child );

/* A.3 extra functionality not specified in DOM L1/2*/
domSetNodeValue( xmlNodePtr self, xmlChar* value );
domSetParentNode( xmlNodePtr self, 
		  xmlNodePtr newParent );
domUnbindNode(  xmlNodePtr self );

const char*
domNodeTypeName( xmlNodePtr self );

 * part B:
 * class Document

domCreateCDATASection( xmlDocPtr self, xmlChar *content );
/* extra document functions */ 
domDocumentElement( xmlDocPtr document );
domSetDocumentElement( xmlDocPtr document, 
		       xmlNodePtr newRoot);

 * part C:
 * class Element

domGetElementsByTagName( xmlNodePtr self, xmlChar* name );

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