Shlomi Fish committed fcf430d

Apply a patch to clarify the parameter documentation.

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 Revision history for Perl extension XML::LibXSLT.
+    - Apply a patch from Michael Ludwig clarifying the quoting of string
+    parameters to the XSLT transformation.
+        - Thanks, Michael!
 1.76            Thu Jan 12 19:15:03 IST 2012
     - Made LibXSLT.xs compile with C compilers that don't accept declarations
     inside blocks:
 =item transform(doc, %params)
-  my $results = $stylesheet->transform($doc, foo => "value);
+  my $results = $stylesheet->transform($doc, foo => "'bar'");
   print $stylesheet->output_as_bytes($results);
 Transforms the passed in XML::LibXML::Document object, and returns a
 new XML::LibXML::Document. Extra hash entries are used as parameters.
-See output_string
+Be sure to keep in mind the caveat with regard to quotes explained in
+the section on L</"Parameters"> below.
 =item transform_file(filename, %params)
-  my $results = $stylesheet->transform_file($filename, bar => "value");
+  my $results = $stylesheet->transform_file($filename, bar => "'baz'");
+Note the string parameter caveat, detailed in the section on
+L</"Parameters"> below.
 =item output_as_bytes(result)
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