project-euler / project-euler / 7.hs

module Primes where

primes :: Int -> [Int]

primes how_much = sieve [2..how_much] where
         sieve (p:x) = 
             p : (if p <= mybound
                 then sieve (remove (p*p) x)
                 else x) where
             remove what (a:as) | what > how_much = (a:as)
                                | a < what = a:(remove what as)
                                | a == what = (remove (what+step) as)
                                | a > what = a:(remove (what+step) as)
             remove what [] = []
             step = (if (p == 2) then p else (2*p)) 
         sieve [] = []
         mybound = ceiling(sqrt(fromIntegral how_much))

--main = print (length (primes 1000000))
main = print ((primes 1000000)!!10000)
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