These are the sources for this screencast:

“PySolfC Solving a Freecell Deal Using the Freecell Solver Qualified Seed Improved preset”


Since my last screenshot of PySolFC solving a deal using Freecell Solver, the solver has improved. More recently, some work was done to improve the average solution length and this aims to be a demonstration of it.

The configuration used is: "-l qualified-seed -fif 5 --flares-choice fcpro".

Here are the credits and attribution:

The KDE desktop environment (under GPLv2 and later and compatible licences - ) running on top of Mageia Linux 3/Cauldron (under GPLv2/GPLv3 and other licences - ) - BTW, PySolFC can run fine on Windows and Mac OS X, so don't worry about it.

PySolFC 2.0, somewhat modified under GPLv3 and later - based on .

Freecell Solver - - under the MIT/X11 licence by Shlomi Fish and others (me).

Background music is under CC-By-NC by Unreal DM. Modified slightly using Audacity ( ).

Background for the desktop is under CC-By by Chris Erwin ( )

The PySolFC background was taken from and under the Public Domain (by - Philip Leara).

Other programs used in the creation of this video were recordmydesktop ( ), GVim ( ), ffmpeg ( ), Bash, Konsole and VLC. Some help for ffmpeg was provided by ubitux on #ffmpeg on Freenode (thanks!).

Some extra thanks go to Danny A. Jones and Gary Campbell from the fc-solve-discuss mailing list (who inspired and/or contributed to some of the changes) and to soryy708 and snowyrooftops who started to work on an alternative GUI to Freecell Solver, which may complement PySolFC.

Happy holidays everyone!

Update: here are some links related to the preparation of this video: