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Add Qantor is not a typesetting system.

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 sever interleaved documents), with support for most modern XML non-grammar
 standards, such as XML namespaces or XLink. Furthermore, it is not limited
 to a specific grammar - it can generate XHTML, DocBook/XML, SVG, WSDL, Atom,
-or whatever.
+TEI, or whatever.
 =head3 Qantor is strict.
 for the clueful user. (And there will be a provision for easily providing GUI
 editors for some applications/grammars of Qantor markup, for people who still
 find editing plaintext markup intimidating.)
+=head3 Qantor is not a typesetting system
+Qantor’s primary aim is to allow for quick, consistent, and powerful
+generation of XML documents representing rich and/or semantic text (because
+for non-textual
+or text-involving data, one should normally prefer such formats as
+L<> or L<>)
+such as DocBook 5/XML or TEI (or more specialised grammars such as XHTML
+or L<> ).
+However, after it is done it leaves the actual translation into well-formated
+and letter-perfect text to the lower layers, who may opt to apply
+CSS transformations, use XSL-FO, or generate LaTeX or Troff from it.