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Fixed the stop-on-error.t test script.

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File installer/tests/perl/t/stop-on-error.t

 use Cwd;
 use IO::All;
 use Test::Trap qw( trap $trap :flow:stderr(systemsafe):stdout(systemsafe):warn );
+use File::Spec;
-my $io_dir = "t/data/in-out-stop-on-error";
+my $io_dir_proto = "t/data/in-out-stop-on-error";
+my $io_dir = File::Spec->rel2abs($io_dir_proto);
 rmtree ($io_dir);
 mkpath ($io_dir);
     my $slides_dir = "$io_dir/slides";
-    my $tmpl_dir = "$orig_dir/t/lib/stop-on-error/template";
+    my $tmpl_dir = "$orig_dir/t/lib/stop-on-error/template/slides";
     fcopy("$tmpl_dir/", "$slides_dir/",);
     foreach my $file (glob("$tmpl_dir/src/*.html.wml"))
     # TEST
     like ($trap->stderr(),
         qr{Quad-Pres Error:},
-        "Find an error in the error file",
+        "Find an error in the stderr",
     # TEST