Quad-Pres / installer / INSTALL

1. Installing from Source

The Trio of Commands:

make install (possibly as root)

Should compile and install this program. Add a --prefix=[prefix] command
to ./configure to install it under a different location in the tree. For
more information on ./configure's flags type ./configure --help.

2. Compiling an RPM.

Type "rpm -tb" followed by the tar.gz archive filename to create an
RPM of the program. You can then install it by using "rpm -U".

3. Requirements:

* A UNIX-compatible System.

* Web Meta Language -

* Perl 5

* The Following Perl 5 CPAN Modules:
    - Config::IniFiles
    - MIME::Types
    - HTML::Hard::Disk

    And these, that are normally distributed with Perl:
    - CGI    
    - Data::Dumper    
    - File::Find
    - Getopt::Long    
    - Pod::Usage

All of them can be installed by installing Bundle::QuadPres using
the CPAN interface.