Toshi MARUYAMA avatar Toshi MARUYAMA committed f9ad4cc

route: move queries resources after projects resources

This change passes queries test on Rails 3.0.

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   map.resources :issue_moves, :only => [:new, :create],
                 :path_prefix => '/issues', :as => 'move'
-  map.resources :queries, :except => [:show]
   # Misc issue routes. TODO: move into resources
   map.auto_complete_issues '/issues/auto_complete', :controller => 'auto_completes',
       :export => :get,
       :date_index => :get
+  map.resources :queries, :except => [:show]
   map.resources :issues,
                 :collection => {:bulk_edit => :get, :bulk_update => :post} do |issues|
     issues.resources :time_entries, :controller => 'timelog',
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