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File CPAN-Definitive-Tags/cpan-definitive-tags.pod

 This means the module is abandoned and up-for-adoption. It probably indicates
 that the current maintainer still finds it to be a good and recommended module,
 just that they have lost interest, lack the necessary time, or are otherwise
-unable to maintain it. 
+unable to maintain it.
 =head3 def/alt_to_core
 "Alternative to core".
 This module provides a (hopefully better) alternative to a core module.
-Examples: L<File::Next>, L<File::Find::Object>, L<Readonly> 
+Examples: L<File::Next>, L<File::Find::Object>, L<Readonly>
 (alternative to "constant"), L<Module::Build> (alternative to
 ExtUtils-MakeMaker), L<Module::Starter> (alternative to h2xs),
 L<Sub::Exporter> (alternative to
 =head3 def/deprecated
 The module is present and may be maintained, but is not recommended for general
 =head3 def/driver_base
-This implements the so-called "Template Pattern" 
+This implements the so-called "Template Pattern"
 ( L<> ) where one has a base class
 that has many drivers as sub-classes that implement the rest of the
 functionality. Examples: L<DBI>, L<XML::SAX>. (Thanks to G. Wade Johnson).
 =head3 def/non_final_api
-Non-finalised API. Means the API may be broken in the future. 
+Non-finalised API. Means the API may be broken in the future.
 =head3 def/plugin
 Examples: L<Template::Plugin::PodSimple>, L<POE::Component::IRC>, etc. (Thanks
 to G. Wade Johnson)
-=head3 def/pure_perl 
+=head3 def/pure_perl
 A Pure Perl module.
 This document is available under one of these licenses:
-1. The MIT/X11 License - 
+1. The MIT/X11 License -
 L<> .
 2. The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (or at your option