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#include '../template.wml'

#include <utils.wml>

<latemp_subject "Perl Lightning Talk - Optimising Multi-Tasking in PDL" />

<h2><a href="slides/">The Slides</a></h2>


This is a presentation about how to implement a certain Game AI
multi-tasking optimisation problem in <a href="">PDL</a>
(the Perl Data Language), thus gaining both speed and flexibility.

<h2 id="note">Note</h2>

I have now made a derivative version of code discussed here available as
<cpan_dist d="AI-Pathfinding-OptimizeMultiple">CPAN package called
“AI-Pathfind-OptimizeMultiple”</cpan_dist>. Strangely enough, other
people and I were not able to find prior art for this algorithm and technique
in the Game Artificial Intelligence literature.

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