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* Make the site OpenID-loginable.

* Add XML-Grammar-Fiction to the Task-Sites-ShlomiFish.

* Add perl-Spork-Shlomify-0.0200-1 to the Task-Sites-ShlomiFish.

* Add Text/ to the Task-Sites-ShlomiFish.

* Remove WWW::Google::SiteMap from Task-Sites-ShlomiFish.

* Add quad-pres to the installation instructions.

* Add the "Escape from GNU Autohell" page.

* Add the "Editors and IDEs" software resources page.

* Add the "Don't abuse JavaScript" page:
    - Hall of Shame:
        - Amarok 2.x
        - GNOME 3.0.
    - "JavaScript: The Good Parts" Google Tech Talk video.
        - more accurately "JS: The Bad Parts"
    - JS has no sprintf.
    - JS has no date formatting.
    - JS has no sort.
    - "var" is optional.
    - line breaks imply new expressions - forces the "if (COND()) {" style.
    - the new JavaScript standard presentation on Google Tech Talk.
        - many JS shortcoming.
    - JS's foreach loop loops over indices instead of the array's contents.
    - function() function() to start a closure.

* Convert the gvimisation of the source code in the quad-pres presentations
to the Lambda Calculus lecture's CPAN module.

* Put the Template-Toolkit presentation slides on the site.

* Convert the CSS away from TTML and into a script that will process
them using an explicit call to Template Toolkit.

* Upload the non-Quad-Pres presentations sources.

* Fix the 404 page on sub-directories:
    - $(ROOT) is wrong.

* Add the anti-spam policy.

* Include a clear warning next to the address that is preferable.

* Add inkscape to the pre-requisites.

* Add jing to to the pre-requisites.

* Add Apache fop to the pre-requisities.

* Add pngcrush to the pre-requisites.

* humour/fortunes' show.cgi:
    - Add the title of the fortune (inside the h3) in a new text field - 
    - Add the fortunes collection to which the fortune belongs in a separate
        - link to that page.
    - add the CSS of the screenplays.
    display it.

* Put t2/t/hilazon.doc t2/t/oded-c/bla_bla.doc.gz t2/t/oded-c/No_name.doc.gz
under t2/humour/by-others/ .

* Fix the breadcrumbs trail in .

* Fortunes pages: link to the XML and plain-text files.

* Make sure that expanded items in the navigation menus don't close the
previously expanded items (which is annoying and causes them to jump).

* Typos:
    - "proportionm".
        - Index: t2/humour/recommendations/films/shlomi-fish-films-recommendations.xml
        - search for similar.
    - fix the broken Unicode on t2/humour/Selena-Mandrake/index.html.wml .
    - fix the broken Unicode on t2/humour/Pope/index.html.wml .

* Add Objectivist C to the anti-apple page's jokes.

* Add Objectivist C to the "One with the fountainhead" page.

* Add the ABC Path Generator to the abc-path section.
    - add the JS versions of the solver and generator.

* Fix the formatting/CSS-style on .

* Add these questions to the FAQ:
    - Which programming languages do you know?
    - Which programming languages did you start with?
    - Is “Shlomi Fish” your real name?

* Add a section navigation menu to t2/meta/ .

* Update the instructions for how to build the homepage:

* Create a block to license a project under t2/open-source/projects/ under
the X11 licence.

* Integrate building the lectures/presentations into the homepage.

* Convert "The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight It" Hebrew/English to unicode

* Fix the fact that the "Private Tutor HTML Ad" goes beyond the right

* Fix the URLs that are spelt "fibonnaci" instead of "fibonacci".

* jqTree navigation menu in the main left pane:
    * Find a way to minify/compress common/js/tree.jquery.js - it is too large.
        - DONE (at least partly).

    * Extract the jQtree functionality from t2/humour/bits/index.html into
    a common place.
        - DONE.

    * Convert the static navigation menu to the reduced one, so it will
    take less place.
        - DONE.

    * Make the navigation menu preserve its expansion across pages/sessions.
        - DONE.

    * Tweak the CSS to make it nicer.
        - Make the expand +'s a +s instead of minuses if the <ul> is collapsed.
            - DONE by NO LONGER WORKS except for the last expandable.
            - DONE properly again.
        - Make the lines continuous in the left pane nav menu.
            - They are mostly continuous now.
        * Make sure that when the + button (the expander of the navigation sub-menus)
        is pressed, it does not jump to the bottom.
            - Moreover, the + button is located too much to the top of the text.
                - Not aligned properly.

* Make the main navigation menu not expand everything by default.
    - DONE.
    - change to s smaller font.

* Make the Show/Hide button for the section navigation menus persisent.
    - Look at how jqTree is doing it.
        - Maybe there's a ready widget for jQuery somewhere.

* jqTree
    - Implement a more permanent (and lib/ ID-generation
    scheme for the saveState).
    - convert the JS wrapper functions from using a full path to using a
    relative path.
        - cut the middle man.
    - make the current URL bold.

* Add the forges' links to other pages on /open-source/.

* Remove the “Stop using MSIE” Logo.
    - too many people notice it and access it, and MSIE has become
    mostly irrelevant now anyway.

* Make sure the AJAX-read jqTree navigation menu expands the top-level
categories ("Humour", "Essays", "Lectures", etc.) at first.
    - only when it closes.