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Not so pressing:

* Pack the other stories as separate DVCS repositories.

* Resumes / Résumés :
    - make the URLs into hyperlinks.
    - add an opening paragraph with who I am, what I specialise in, and some
    things I believe in about software development and its craft.

* Add a page about .

* jqTree
    - Expand some of the categories by default.
        - Make sure the browser remembers when categories were collapsed
        using a localStorage hack.

* Extract <bitbucket_cpan_dist_links> in lib/cpan_dists.wml from more places.

* Fortunes Atom Feed:
    - Make it validate
    - Syndicate it into the rest.
    - fix the formatting of the fortunes (especially IRC fortunes) in

* Add some references to general Objectivism stuff on humour/TOWTF.

* Add Term::ReadPassword to Task-Sites-ShlomiFish .

* Ask people about the name of the meta-scan algorithm in:

* Add a test suite:
    - HTML/XHTML validation.
    - English spelling.
    - Hebrew spelling.

* Prepare a new Back to the Future Logo using GIMP or whatever - as a PNG
with anti-aliasing/etc.
    - Thanks to moofy.

* Convert the main navigation true style to a [+] / [-] tree.
    - Thanks to moofy.

* Adapt a better style which stretches the page instead of the
blue-with-wavy things stuff.
    - Thanks to moofy and other people who commented on it.

Minor Problems:

* Go over the pages of the individual presentations and add meaningful
    - link to the new presentation in "Linux for the Technion student".

* Add to the external FOSS contributions:
    - MikMod
    - Adopted CPAN Modules
    - Wikipedia and related sites.

* Fix the URLs that are spelt "priviliges" instead of "privileges".

* Add some links and references to resources covered in the text of the
Human Hacking Field Guide for future enlightenment.

* Fix the Firefox button to not read "Firefox 3" and to not point to

Long Term:

* Add more software packages to the numerical software page.

* Add more essays I wrote to the Essays Index.

* Revamp the Math-Ventures site and re-write the formulae in TeX, MathML

* Put more meaningful descriptions in the place holders for all the

* Style the .prod_set's on the CD recommendations page.

* Style the section navigation menus better.

* Generate the DocBook/XML makefile rules using a Perl script.
    - Check for more possible stuff.

* Link the Hebrew Errors Page to the main one.

* Add Recommendations:
    - Movies
    - Fiction Books

* Add <rellink's (relevant links) to:
    - Book recommendations.
    - Music recommendations.

* Distribute the links under t2/links.html into relevant pages on the site,
possibly using lib/article-index/article-index.xsl.