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r4943@telaviv1: shlomi | 2008-05-04 23:28:11 +0300
Added an abstraction for the URLs.

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File lib/iglu.wml

+<define-tag iglu_url whitespace="delete">
+<preserve url />
+<set-var %attributes />
+<get-var url />
+<restore url />

File t2/MathVentures/toggle_squares.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
+#include "iglu.wml"
 <latemp_subject "Toggling Squares is not that Trivial..." />
-I have also written an implementation of it in JavaScript. It can be found 
-<a href="">
+I have also written <a href="<iglu_url url="shlomif/toggle_squares/" />">an implementation of it in JavaScript</a>.

File t2/lecture/Perl/Template-Toolkit/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
+#include "iglu.wml"
 <latemp_subject "Lightning Talk: The Template Toolkit" />
-<h2><a href="">The 
+<h2><a href="<iglu_url url="shlomif/lecture/Template-Toolkit/" />">The