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Upgraded gringotts-shlomif.

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 <define-tag patch_fn whitespace="delete">
 <define-tag link_to_patch endtag="required" whitespace="delete">
 This is <link_to_patch>a patch</link_to_patch> for 
 <a href="">the Gringotts 
-encrypted note manager, version 1.2.8</a> for Linux, by Germano Rizzo. What it 
-does, so far is:
+encrypted note manager</a> for Linux, by Germano Rizzo. It should be applied 
+<a href="">version 1.2.9pre1 (available 
+from the Debian servers)</a> . What it does, so far is:
+Fix a data corruption bug with the search function.
+Fix the "Find again" functionality.
+An older version of the patch which has already been integrated into version 
+1.2.9pre1 made the following changes:
 <a href="gringotts-shlomif-patch-rev2.diff">Revision 2</a>
+<a href="gringotts-shlomif-patch-rev3.diff">Revision 3</a>
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