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Add the book /More Programming Pearls/.

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 ;;; To add:
 * Postfix TDG
 * Refactoring by Fowler.
-* More Programming Pearls.
 * The Pragmatic Programmer - From Journeyman to Master.
 * The Algorithm Design Manual.
 * chromatic’s Modern Perl Book.
+                    <prod id="more_programming_pearls">
+                        <title>More Programming Pearls: Confessions of a Coder</title>
+                        <isbn>0201118890</isbn>
+                        <creator type="author">Jon Bentley</creator>
+                        <desc>
+A fellow Perl programmer bought me this book as a birthday present from my wishlist because I put it there out of wishing to read the followup
+to the previous book in the series which I enjoyed. However, this book failed
+to meet my expectations, and I found it disappointing.
+It does not have the same focus on topics that interest me and instead
+many different topics. While not being completely bad, it fails to live up
+to the promise of the previous book, and I cannot really recommend it. The
+book is also showing its age.
+The book page on used to contain a single 3-star review for
+<i>More Programming Pearls</i> which kinda summarises my feelings.
+                        </desc>
+                    </prod>
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