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 “Bye!” Rachel said and went back to work.
+Rachel was able to finish the drawing until 11:00, and from then until
+lunch, she walked around trying to receive feedback from her co-workers.
+It was not easy, because each one had an opinion that something completely
+different there needs to be changed. Rachel organised a mini-conference
+to discuss what should be done in order to correct the drawing, and as
+a result, it seemed like the lack-of-consensus only became stronger.
+But then came the time for lunch.
+Sometimes Rachel was sorry that she did not work as a programmer, where
+the fellow programmers were happy that the code compiled and worked at all.
+“Oh well,” she told herself, “even if I completely get tired of doing
+graphical work, I can always find work as a programmer. At least now.”
+She used to look at the job adverts in the newspaper, and most of them
+were not for graphic artists.
 רייצ'ל הספיקה לגמור את התמונה עד לשעה 11:00, ומאז עד ארוחת צהריים
 הסתובבה בנסיון לקבל עבורה משוב מחבריה לעבודה. זה לא היה פשוט, משום שלכל
 אחד היתה דעה שצריך לשנות שם משהו שונה לחלוטין. רייצ'ל קראה למיני-כינוס