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Add the American Lottery design to the front page.

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 	CPP-supports-OOP/CPP-supports-OOP-as-much-as \
 	dont-believe-in-fairies/dont-believe-in-fairies  \
 	give-me-ascii/give-me-ASCII-or-give-me-death \
+	lottery-all-you-need-is-a-dollar/lottery-all-you-need-is-a-dollar \
 ART_SLOGANS_PATHS = $(patsubst %,$(T2_DEST)/art/slogans/%,$(ART_SLOGANS_DOCS))

File t2/art/slogans/index.html.wml

+<mydesign id="all-you-need-is-a-dollar"
+    img_base="lottery-all-you-need-is-a-dollar/lottery-all-you-need-is-a-dollar"
+    img_alt="All you need is a dollar"
+    title="The American Lottery"
+    >
+<p class="last">
+The American Lottery - all you need is a dollar and a dream. We will take
+the dollar, but you can keep the dream.
 <mydesign id="chromaticd"
     img_alt="Kiss me! My blog post got chromatic'd!"