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File t2/open-source/projects/XML-Grammar/Base/index.html.wml

+#include '../template.wml'
+#include "vim_include_code.wml"
+#include "cpan_dists.wml"
+<set-var cpan_dist="XML-GrammarBase" />
+<latemp_subject "<get-var cpan_dist /> - wrappers for writing your own XML grammar modules" />
+<link rel="stylesheet" href="$(ROOT)/screenplay.css" type="text/css" media="screen, projection" />
+<get-var cpan_dist /> provides some roles (known as traits in other languages)
+and classes (with tests) for validating and processing XML grammars, so far
+using RELAX NG and XSLT, but in the future other technologies in the
+XML ecosystem (such as DTDs or XML Schemas). It uses
+XML-LibXML and XML-LibXSLT under the hood but wraps them in a lot of Moo/Moose
+<get-var cpan_dist /> is part of the <a href="../">Web-CPAN XML-Grammar
+project</a> that provides several specialised processors for XML grammars
+for various tasks.
+<h2 id="links">Project Links</h2>
+<h3 id="links-xml-grammarbase">For <get-var cpan_dist /></h3>
+    dist="<get-var cpan_dist />"
+    freecode_url=""
+    bitbucket_url="">
+<x11_licence name="<get-var cpan_dist />" />

File t2/open-source/projects/XML-Grammar/index.html.wml

+<a href="Base/">XML-GrammarBase</a> - base classes and roles/traits, for
+processing XML grammars.
 <a href="">XML-CompareML</a>
 - an XML grammar for managing multi-system and multi-item comparisons. (Not
 in the XML-Grammar namespace for historical reasons.)