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 <h2 id="what-I-learned">What I Learned?</h2>
+Cortext was my first serious introduction to the Perl 5 programming
+and to the UNIX family of operating systems, which I have considered my
+prefered technologies, for a long time after that. They were both an epiphany
+for me: Perl 5 because it combined what I heard Larry Wall later call, the
+“Manipulexity” of C and C++, and the “Whipuptitude” of the various BASIC
+dialects I had learned, and allowed to write code quickly, but still create
+large managable systems; and UNIX was an epiphany, because while I knew
+that DOS and Windows 3.x sucked, but didn't know why, the various UNIX
+systems I used at Cortext, were actually good, and I found them a joy to
+Aside from Perl and UNIX, I also dealt extensivley with early versions of
+HTML (not a spectacular technology, but got the job done), some basic
+JavaScript, even before
+<a href="">Dynamic
+HTML</a> and
+<a href="">AJAX</a>, to say
+nothing of more recent trends, and which was still quirky and buggy, some
+Java applets, <a href="">miniSQL</a> (now
+largely superseded by MySQL and later some other SQL databases), various
+pieces of software from the GNU archive (from its old FTP location at, the Apache web-server, and a lot of other software for
+UNIX and Windows.