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Fixed a wrong word in "Introductory Language".

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 $(T2_DEST)/open-source/interviews/adrian-ettlinger.html: $(SCREENPLAY_XML_RENDERED_HTML_DIR)/ae-interview.html
 $(T2_DEST)/open-source/interviews/sussman.html: $(SCREENPLAY_XML_RENDERED_HTML_DIR)/sussman-interview.html
+# Rebuild the embedded docbook4 pages in the $(T2_DEST) after they are 
+# modified.
+$(T2_DEST)/philosophy/computers/education/introductory-language/index.html: $(DOCBOOK4_RENDERED_DIR)/introductory-language.html
 # Rebuild the embedded docbook5 pages in the $(T2_DEST) after they are 
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             I have read the book in my third semester of the Technion (without
             doing the exercises) and later took both of the SICP courses that 
             were given by my department. I learned a lot from the book, and
-            while the courses did not renew too much, I did like working on the
-            exercises.
+            while the courses did not teach me too much new, I did enjoy 
+            working on the exercises.