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Revamped the contact-me page.

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-WML_FLAGS += --passoption=2,-X3074 --passoption=3,-I../lib/ -DROOT~.
+WML_FLAGS += --passoption=2,-X3074 --passoption=3,-I../lib/ -I../lib/ -DROOT~.
 # t2 macros
     - Add the vote libertarian page and button.
 * Add more essays I wrote to the Essays Index.
+* Fix the link to the /-URL bug that causes links to seem unavailable.
+* Create a nice style for the <dl class="contact"> on t2/me/contact-me/

File lib/utils.wml

+<define-tag url_body_link>
+<preserve href />
+<set-var <attributes-extract href %attributes> />
+<a <attributes-quote <attributes-remove "/" %attributes> > ><get-var href /></a>
+<restore href />

File t2/me/contact-me/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
+#include <utils.wml>
 <subject "How to Reach Me" />
-<b>Homepage:</b> <a href=""></a><br />
-<b>E-mail:</b> <a href=""></a><br />
-<b>Instant Messaging:</b><br />
-<ul class="nospace">
-<li><b>ICQ:</b> UIN #207733823</li>
-<li><b>AOL Instant Messager (AIM):</b> ShlomiFish</li>
-<li><b>Yahoo:</b> shlomif2</li>
-<li><b>MSN Messenger:</b></li>
-<br />
-<b>IRC:</b> <tt>rindolf</tt> on <a href="">FreeNode</a>,
+<dl class="contact">
+<dd><url_body_link href="" /></dd>
+<dd><email:link "" /></dd>
+<dt>Instant Messaging:</dt>
+<dt>ICQ</dt><dd>UIN #207733823</dd>
+<dt>AOL Instant Messager (AIM):</dt><dd>ShlomiFish</dd>
+<dt>MSN Messenger:</dt><dd></dd>
+<dd><tt>rindolf</tt> on <a href="">FreeNode</a>,
 <a href="">EF-Net</a>, 
 <a href="">OFTC</a> and 
-<a href="">GIMP-Net</a>.<br />
-<b>Snail Mail:</b><br />
+<a href="">GIMP-Net</a>.
+<dt>Snail Mail:</dt>
 Shlomi Fish<br />
 4 Hakim St.<br />
 Tel Aviv 69120<br />
 Israel<br />
-<b>Telephone</b>: +972-3-6424668<br />
-<b>Cell-Phone</b>: +972-54-6232377 (Orange)<br />
-<b>Freshmeat</b>: <a href=""></a><br />
-<b>CPAN</b>: <a href=""></a><br />
-<b>Advogato</b>: <a href=""></a><br />
-<b>Dmoz</b> (Open Directory Project): <a href=""></a><br />
+<dd>+972-54-6232377 (Orange)</dd>
+<dd><url_body_link href="" /></dd>
+<dd><url_body_link href="" /></dd>
+<dd><url_body_link href="" /></dd>
+<dt>Dmoz (Open Directory Project)</dt> 
+<dd><url_body_link href="" /></dd>