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Add /toggle.html to the puzzles navigation menu.

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 	touch $@
-T2_PUZZLES_DOCS_SRC = $(filter $(T2_SRC_DIR)/puzzles/%,$(T2_DOCS_SRC)) $(filter $(T2_SRC_DIR)/MathVentures/%,$(T2_DOCS_SRC))
+T2_PUZZLES_DOCS_SRC = $(filter $(T2_SRC_DIR)/puzzles/%,$(T2_DOCS_SRC)) $(filter $(T2_SRC_DIR)/MathVentures/%,$(T2_DOCS_SRC)) $(filter $(T2_SRC_DIR)/toggle.html.wml,$(T2_DOCS_SRC))
 	touch $@
     - fix the formatting of the fortunes (especially IRC fortunes) in 
+* Fix the breadcrumbs trail in .
 * Add Term::ReadPassword to Task-Sites-ShlomiFish .
 * Update the instructions for how to build the homepage:


         'id' => "puzzles",
-        'regex' => "^/(?:puzzles|MathVentures)/",
+        'regex' => "^/(?:(?:puzzles|MathVentures)/|toggle.html)\$",
         'class' => "Puzzles",
         'title' => "Puzzles Section Menu",


                             text => "The Toggle Squares Game",
                             url => "MathVentures/toggle-squares/",
+                        {
+                            text => "Mathematical Analysis",
+                            url => "toggle.html",
+                        }
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