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Added the new C.V.'s in Hebrew and set up a concentrated C.V. page.

Converted the encoding of all the pages to UTF-8 in the process to make use
of unicode characters.

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 Information on how to reach me in any conceivable means.
-<h2><a href="$(ROOT)/SFresume.html">My C.V.</a></h2>
+<h2><a href="./resumes/">Resum&eacute;s (in various versions)</a></h2>
-My resume (or Corricolum Vitae if you may) that gives my past experience
-in my fields of expertise.
-<h2><a href="$(ROOT)/SFresume_detailed.html">My Detailed C.V.</a></h2>
-A C.V. with more detailed information.
+Resum&eacute;s (also known as Corriculum Vitae's or C.V.'s) in various languages
+and formats.
 <h2><a href="http://www.advogato.org/person/shlomif/">My Public Diary at

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+#include '../template.wml'
+<subject "My Resum&eacute;s" />
+<h2><a href="$(ROOT)/SFresume.html">English Resumé</a></h2>
+A C.V. in English.
+<h2><a href="$(ROOT)/SFresume_detailed.html">A Detailed English Resumé</a></h2>
+A more detailed Corriculum Vitae in English as well.
+<h2><a href="./Shlomi-Fish-Resume.pdf">Resumé in Hebrew</a></h2>
+My Hebrew resumé in PDF format. Also available is the <a href="./Shlomi-Fish-Resume.sxw">source in OpenOffice format</a>. (let me know if you need it in any
+other format).

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 # The Definition of the page itself
-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
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 <if "$(PRINTABLE)" "<printable_style />" "" />
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
 <define-tag rellink whitespace="delete">
 <ul class="navbarnested">
 <li><navbarlink "personal.html" "Bio" /></li>
 <li><navbarlink "me/contact-me/" "Contact" title="How to Contact Me" /></li>
-<li><navbarlink "SFresume.html" "C.V." /></li>
-<li><navbarlink "SFresume_detailed.html" "Detailed C.V." /></li>
+<li><navbarlink "me/resumes/" "My Resum&eacute;s" /></li>