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Add the new version 0.6.0.

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 <h2 id="download">Download</h2>
-<set-var ver="0.4.0" />
+<set-var ver="0.6.0" />
 <set-var arc="black-hole-solver-<get-var ver />.tar.xz" />
 <set-var sqlite_dump_arc="black_hole_solver.dump.xz" />
 <set-var sqlite_dump_url="http://fc-solve.shlomifish.org/downloads/fc-solve/<get-var sqlite_dump_arc />" />
 <h2 id="news">News</h2>
+<h3 id="news_version_0_6_0">Version 0.6.0</h3>
+Version 0.6.0 of Black Hole Solitaire Solver was released. The highlights of
+this release are the inclusion of the NEWS file, the <tt>--help</tt>
+flag and most importantly the <tt>--display-boards</tt> flag that displays
+the intermediate board layouts after every move.
 <h3 id="news_version_0_4_0">Version 0.4.0</h3>