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 <img src="../../images/back_to_my_homepage--v2--inkscape.png" alt="Back to my homepage" style="margin-bottom : 1.5em" />
-<h2 id="why">Why the new version?</h2>
+<h2 id="about">About this image</h2>
-As you can see, I wanted to create a logo not unlike the one used for the film
+This is a logo not unlike the one used for the film
 <i>Back to the Future</i>
 <a href=";item=275693">the Film’s poster</a>
 eye in this context.
+<h2 id="why">Why the new version?</h2>
 The <a href="../bk2hp/">previous version of the image</a> which had been
 created in <a href="">CorelDRAW</a>
 Since this was yet another demonstration of why
 <a href="">non-open-source
-software cannot really be trusted and dependend on</a>, I eventually decided
+software cannot really be trusted and depended on</a>, I eventually decided
 that it may be easier (and better in the long run) to try to redo my
 efforts using open source graphics programs such as
 <a href="">Inkscape</a> (which is