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 Even if consciousness is just an illusion, and we don't truly have free will,
 we should play by this illusion, because not playing by it will make matters
-very much worse.
+very much worse. Those that don't think enough, become terminally ill with
+mysticism (= mental laziness) and become lazy (despite appearing to constantly
+work intensively in sedantry work), incompetent, lying, needy, envious and
+unhappy people who expect everyone to feel sorry for them and obey their
+orders blindly (up to actual genocide or killing 100 million of their
+own citizens). Like
+Adolf Hitler, or <a href="">Benjamin
+“Bibi” Netanyahu.</a>
+<h2>What should be done now?</h2>
+As you may have guessed, superb hackers who have ascended into Qs and stuff,
+are the true “Kings of Kings”, and I am one of them, and not only that but
+<a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/the-eternal-jew/#reception">the
+    actual honest-to-God <b>Messiah</b></a>!. I am a bit disappointed by
+people not seeing beyond my words and understanding that they should become
+The Messiahs too, and compete the hell with me, but maybe that is the price
+I am paying for the fact that I had been playing the Invisible right now.

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