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+<latemp_subject "In the Event of My Death" />
+<latemp_meta_desc "What should be done with the online resources and legacy of Shlomi Fish in the even of his death" />
+This page aims to document the measures needed to ensure the long term survival
+of the online resources I have created or have adopted, in case I pass away,
+or otherwise become unable to tend to their maintenance.
+First of all, I wish the domains of the sites I maintain to remain available
+long enough for them to be mirrored. As of this writing (19 September 2013)
+they consist mostly of static HTML pages with sources available in distributed
+version control systems (DVCes) repositories online, although the sources may
+not be too easy to build due to requiring some dependencies. In any case, they
+should not be hard to mirror.
+The resources I created under licences that are considered too restrictive,
+will be given under the care of Sagiv Barhoom (שגיב ברהום), who will provide
+exemptions from the licence as he sees fit, with 50% of the possible earnings
+given to my family and the other 50% to worthy causes. I also wish that the
+copyrights for all my works will be released to the public domain no more than
+25 years after my death, regardless of the existing copyright terms.
+While I consider this site, as a whole, to be a reflection of my values, and
+it should not be tempered with after my demise, I wish that individual parts
+I created and other sites such as <a href="">The Perl
+Beginners’ Site</a> will continue to be maintained, possibly under a different

File t2/meta/index.html.wml

+<a href="in-the-event-of-my-death/" class="l">In the Event of My Death:</a>
+My wishes for the resources that I have created in case of my demise.