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 Who is Christopher Michael Pilato, anyway?
+In Philosophy as much as in software engineering, you don't get credit for
+originality. What matters is the final product, not who came up with
+the idea for each feature, first.
 <h3><a href="wysiwyt.html">IRPWUG announces project "What you see is what you think"</a></h3>


 Paul Graham is an experienced programmer in LISP and other languages.
-He is LISP-oriented, but lovers of any language can find a home here.
+He is LISP-oriented, but lovers of any language can find a home there.
 <h3><a href="">David A. Wheeler</a></h3>
-<h4>Haifa Linux Clubbers</h4>
+<h3>Haifa Linux Clubbers</h3>
 <a href="">Guy Keren</a><br />
 <a href="">Nadav Har'El</a>
+<h3>Israeli Perl Mongers</h3>
+<a href="">Sholomo Yona</a><br />
+<a href="">Offer Kaye</a><br />
+<h3>Weblogs I like to read</h3>
+Weblogs are the latest (as of late 2003) craze in the Internet and everybody
+and his mother have to have one (me included). I cannot say that I'm
+a blog junkie, because most weblogs of people I barely know don't interest
+me too much. (and reading too many weblogs is a grand waste of time). Blogs
+I read on a regular basis usually include those of people I personally know.
+So, here are the links which you may or may not find interesting.
+<a href="">Muli Ben-Yehuda's 
+LiveJournal</a> - Random bits and pieces, Linux Kernel hacktivity, and 
+personal life events.<br />
+<a href="">Orr Dunkelman's Diary
+at Advogato</a> - Mostly academic, Haifa Linux Club or Vipe sys admin
+stuff.<br />
+<a href="">Orna Agmon's LiveJournal</a> - 
+mostly personal stuff, literary impressions, etc.<br />
+<a href="">Gabor Szabo's Journal 
+at</a> - kept strictly related to his Perl activities. As a result,
+it has a high signal-to-noise ratio, but it's not updated often.<br />
 <h2>Favourite Pages for Searching and Locating Resources on the Web</h2>
 <a href="">The Jargon File</a> - a dictionary
 of computer geeks jargon.<br />
 <a href="">Slashdot</a> - a really cool computer-related news page.<br />
+<a href="">The Wikipedia</a> - a world-viewable, 
+world-editable encyclopedia that is very comprehensive and getting better
+and better all the time. (feel free to contribute something of your own!).
+<br />
+<h2>Various Sites of Interest</h2>
+<a href="">Presentation Helper</a> - 
+a great site dedicated to the various issues of giving and preparing
+a presentation.<br />
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