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Added the hosting.

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File common/images/eonspace1.png

New image

File lib/

+                {
+                    'url' => "meta/hosting/",
+                    'text' => "Hosting",
+                    'title' => "About this site's hosting provider.",
+                },

File lib/rest-of-template.wml

-<define-tag hosted:at:tech>
+<define-tag hosting_link>
 <div class="rightalign">
-<a href=""><img src="images/actcom-50-2.gif" 
-   alt="Hosted at Actcom" class="highlight" style="border : 0" 
-   title="Hosted at Actcom" /></a>
+<a href="$(ROOT)/meta/hosting/#eonspace"><img src="images/eonspace1.png" 
+   alt="Hosted at Eonspace" class="highlight" style="border : 0"
+   title="Hosted at Eonspace" /></a>
-;;; If it is the t2 index than display the hosted:at:tech macro
+;;; If it is the t2 index than display the <hosting_link> macro
 ;;; Else - display the back to my homepage image
 <if <ifeq "$(LATEMP_FILENAME)" "index.html" 
         <ifeq "$(LATEMP_SERVER)" "t2" "t2" "" /> "" /> 
-    <hosted:at:tech />
+    <hosting_link />
     <backtomyhp />

File t2/meta/hosting/index.html.wml

+#include '../template.wml'
+<latemp_subject "About this Site's Hosting" />
+<h2 id="eonspace">Eonspace</h2>
+This site is hosted at <a href=""><b></b></a>.
+There's very little on the web-page, because is an Israeli
+operation of one or two people, which finds most of its customers using
+As a general rule, I'm happy with the hosting. While there had been
+a few outages (possibly because of the ISP's fault), one of the advantages
+is that I can always reach my hostmaster by phone when I encounter a problem.
+I'm getting shell access with Perl, PHP, and most other services, and pay a
+relatively low yearly fee. At the moment, most of my site is just plain-HTML.
+If you're interested to be hosted in Eonspace, 
+<a href="$(ROOT)/me/contact-me/">drop me a line</a>, and I'll give you my
+hostmaster's contact information.

File t2/meta/index.html.wml

 <dd>The Copyrights terms of the content here</dd>
 <dt><a href="donate/">Donations</a></dt>
 <dd>PayPal donations information.</dd>
+<dt><a href="hosting/">Hosting</a></dt>
+<dd>Information about this site's Hosting Provider</dd>