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 <latemp_subject "About this Site’s Hosting" />
+<h2 id="hostgator">Hostgator</h2>
+<p> and related sites are hosted at
+<a href=""><b>HostGator</b></a>. HostGator’s hosting is
+affordable, has unlimited disk space, practically no downtime, and very
+prompt and helpful tech support. The downsides are that some of the software
+on the shared hosting is not too up-to-date (which does not bother me too
+much because my sites are mostly static), and that the panel interface (cPanel
+I believe) is quite confusing. But otherwise, I'm very happy.
 <h2 id="heptagon">Heptagon</h2>
-This site is hosted at <a href=""><b>Heptagon
-Software</b></a> (formerly known as Eonspace).
-There’s some information on the web-page, but Heptahon is an Israeli
-operation of a few people, which finds most of its customers using
-word-of-mouth. used to be hosted at
+<a href=""><b>Heptagon Software</b></a>
+(formerly known as Eonspace), but I moved away due to frequent and lengthy
-As a general rule, I’m happy with the hosting. While there had been
-a few outages (possibly because of the ISP’s fault), one of the advantages
-is that I can always reach my hostmaster by phone when I encounter a problem.
-I’m getting shell access with Perl, PHP, and most other services, and pay a
-relatively low yearly fee. At the moment, most of my site is just plain-HTML.
-If you’re interested to be hosted in Heptagon,
-<a href="$(ROOT)/me/contact-me/">drop me a line</a>, and I’ll give you my
-hostmaster’s contact information.
-;;; Due for removal at 2011-05-20
 <define-tag whs_notice>
 If you need something more specific - like <a
 the Web Hosting Search.
-<whs_notice />