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 <humour_story tag="h3" id="enemy-how-i-helped" humour_href="TheEnemy/"
 text="The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it">
+<the_enemy_logo />
 A political satire about the situation that prevailed in the Israeli-Lebanese
 border. Lots of exits about mathematical logic, and a general critique of the
 <humour_story tag="h3" id="human-hacking" humour_href="human-hacking/"
 text="The Human Hacking Field Guide">
+<hhfg_logo />
 A story about teenagers in Los Angeles, California, around 2005, who are
 dealing extensively with open-source development. An unlikely female
 <humour_story tag="h3" id="selina-mandrake" humour_href="Selina-Mandrake/"
 text="Selina Mandrake - The Slayer (Buffy Parody)">
+<selina_mandrake_logo />
 <selina_mandrake_abstract />
 <humour_story tag="h3" id="summerschool-at-the-nsa" humour_href="Summerschool-at-the-NSA/"
 text="Summerschool at the NSA - A Screenplay">
+<summernsa_logo />
 <summerschool_at_the_nsa_abstract />