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Add another Selena Mandrake idea.

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         - with unsharpened pencils.
         - "Selena Mandrake - we have been slain by you.".
+* The vampires in the hall:
+    - Selena tells them that they are likely the good guys and should stand
+    for themselves.
+        - "Vampires of the World, Unite!"
+    - They agree that she is right.
+    - Someone suggests they do a group exercise.
+        - "Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah"
+            (like Steve Ballmer's "Developers, developers, developers").
+        - Selena says that the religious students in her school will not
+        appreciate that and tries to turn it off.
+        - Meanwhile, the vampires take a stake, and stab themselves in their
+        heart, causing all of them to evaporate into dust.
+    - Selena turns off the music and goes to clean up the dust.